Big Red Monster that Really Loves Hug!

Hug Me Elmo-Open ArmSesame Street is well known as a big success TV show. It is a fun and educational program. Parents and children are familiar with Sesame Street for generations now. Many characters like Elmo are instantly recognizable by millions of kids across the world. Parents can now get the Hug Me Elmo for their kids.

This toy is designed by Hasbro. It has a soft plush head, flexible arms, and is a huge huggable toy. Big Hugs Elmo is a great hit for the children. It is easy to operate. A good feature of this toy is the sleep mode, where Elmo says he is going to sleep. It brings smiles to the face of youngsters and parents.

NEW Big Hugs Elmo is the first Elmo that really hugs you back.
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Hug Me Elmo Features

Hug Me Elmo VideoHere are some of this new Elmo ‘cool’ features:

  • Real hugs – Hug Elmo and he’ll move his arms to hug back
    You will find a lot of ways to play with Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo! When you give Elmo a great big hug, he’ll hug back, say fun phrases or sing a sweet song about hugs!
  • Dance, sing along and plays 3 fun songs with Big Hugs Elmo
    There are 50 plus animated sounds and phrases like, “Let’s pretend we’re rabbits! Boing, Boing, Boing,” “Move to the beat!,” and “Elmo loves getting hugs from you”.

    He’ll become sleepy, sing a lullaby and make sleeping sound effects when children lay Big Hugs Elmo down from a flat position. Big Hugs Elmo can also talk, play pretend and sing three songs including a lullaby when it’s time for sleep.

  • 4 fun imagination scenarios: astronauts, rabbits, frogs and horses
    You can activate 1 of 4 imagination active: astronauts, rabbits, frogs or horses by pressing his left foot. Press Elmo’s left foot again to skip from one imagination activity to the next.

    Just move him around to get the fun adventure started! Your child will have fun all day long with Big Hugs Elmo with 3 songs and 4 fun imagination activities, 50 plus animated sounds and phrases.Move the “sleep/off/play” switch to the “sleep” position in order for quiet during naps and bedtime.

    Elmo will get tired, sing a lullaby, then enter “sleep” mode. You just need to move the switch back to the “play” position when it’s time to play again.

Here is a video showing you Elmo in action:

Review of the Elmo Hugs

Most of reviews from customer who already purchase this Elmo Hugs is satisfied. So let’s take a look some of them.

“Kid Loves Big Hugs Elmo”Hug Me Elmo-Stand Hug
By tarnish

My kid who is 2 and half years old was not familiar with “Elmo” at all. He was never exposed to sesame street before,so I was very skeptical about this toy. But to my surprise he was just amused by it at the very first sight of it.

He loved watching his mouth go up and down and even tried to talk to it, which for me is awesome because I am encouraging him to say and express more new words.

At first he just gazed at Elmo from far then gradually he explored all other features of it.He laughed a lot when he saw Elmo going to sleep and snoring. The snoring part giggled him up.

Even his friends liked Elmo very much. Overall a good toy and i will recommend this to friends and family.

“Pleasantly Surprised”
By Brendan Brown

As a parent of (3) children, there’s not always a ton of extra money lying around to buy new toys. On top of that, when my wife and I do get around to buying a toy for the kids, it often loses its’ allure within a few days (if not hours). I’m sure I’m not alone in this experience – as it’s quite the predicament.

As a Dad I want to provide for my kids, but it’s rather frustrating to save up for a new toy to find they don’t even care about it the next day.

I must admit, I was at first not sure about the new Big Hugs Elmo, but must report that a month later my 2.5 year old daughter (the intended recipient) AND my 5 year old son are still infatuated with him.

My biggest mistake was not getting two of them. Unfortunately, Elmo’s wingspan cannot accommodate a 2-child hug! What I think has helped Big Hugs Elmo still around is his life like, responsive nature.

This is not just another toy my kids have to pretend exists – he truly seems to be a real, interactive being in our home. Number 1 favorite feature – sleep mode.

My hyperactive son can take hours to go to sleep, so you can imagine my excitement when he fell asleep holding a snoring Big Hugs Elmo – after Elmo sang him a bedtime song. Definitely a great investment!

“Just having fun with Elmo”
By Yayoarlet3

This is Gael’ favorite part singing the lullaby and snoring like Elmo. Makes him laugh and make mommy and daddy laugh.. He really enjoys playtime with Elmo..

It’s Your Time

Elmo loves his goldfish and his crayon and now sharing the power of hugs with your child. It features a lot of lifelike interactions when some of its buttons are pressed. The voice of this Big Hugs Elmo toy is a faithful recreation of the Elmo voice that kids on Sesame Street.

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